The Line App Reviews

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Too glitchy

First of all there are Tim when I cant even play the game because an add comes up that you cant close. Or you play 10 seconds of the game and then an add comes up that you cannot exit, so you are forced to exit the app


Ads pop up in the middle of my game and screw me up, when I press the mute volume button it doesnt do anything after that bc the game still makes the same sounds. Fun game but has some irritating issues.


I cant even play!! Ads keep popping up.

Kinda hard

Ive heard the other reviews this Dosent glitch or anything. MAYBE WHEN I OPENED MY PHONE I ACCEDENTLY STUCK THE TOOL ON THE CHIP!?! Well my phone is in good condition ADS Are Not Too Bad!


So Im looking for a cool new app to play, and I see "The Line". Yah? And Im looking at all those reviews that say stuff like "This game is awful; its SO glitchy". And I though that I had already download this game but that wus The line "Zen" (which works like a charm, btw), and so I downloaded it. I realized that this is WORES THAN THE OTHER REVIEWS!!!! Come ON KETCHAPP!!! You can do better than that!!!


Never get this game!!!!!EVER


To many ads

Its the same thing

Its almost the same thing as the line zen

Too much lag

The game is very laggy making it difficult to get good at and very frustrating. Just a poor app from ketchapp.


Pior q flappy birds


It takes way TOO long to release the Try Again button, which is extremely irritating

The line

Muitoo bom esse jogo

i love it

Hi I am Brazilian, so their short games love competing with my friends. Favorites: Amazing Brick, 2048, The Line, Thief. Do not stop making games so I LOVE !! At the moment Im competing my records with my friends in the game Thief. Hugs


Great game, but after the actualization its not possible to jump anymore


How to Jump Baby, You Not found better than that?


Wie springt man ??

It crashes on ios 9 :/

Please fix it and remove ads please!


any app that sends alerts to keep playing it gets an instant 1 star

Fun Game

Please Speed up the respawn time.


Honestly flappy bird was way better than this game.

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